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Junior Versus was born out of a desire to bring the objects we have spent years making for our own home into yours. Being picky consumers, we know the difference between something that is mass produced, and the feeling you get when you interact with a handmade product. Handmade in Montreal, Canada, everything you see if one-of-a-kind or part of a very small batch. This is especially apparent in the hand carved wooden spoons where the shape and size of them is dictated by the grain in the wood.

All products are created by Tory (and sometimes Crissy) from start to finish, and can be passed down for generations to come. Our materials are sourced locally, and often, the wood used was found right here in Montreal.  

Our studio is located right on the Canal in an old industrial building that houses a Blacksmith, Neon sign maker, Screen printer, Woodworker, Metalworker, Brewery, Candle maker, Production studio, and a few other makers. The energy of the building has inspired our shop and we feel lucky to be a part of a community of makers using traditional manufacturing methods.

Tory has a background in Architectural technology, woodworking, and a passion for learning new manufacturing methods. Crissy has a BFA in design, works as a commercial photographer and designer in Montreal, and has a particular obsession with old photos (especially slide positives!).

Tory Jarvis