318 Murray Street


318 Murray St. has been a home and shop for the past century. Murray Street, is located in the heart of Griffintown (a borough in the south west corner of Montreal's downtown district). Until now the building and contents therein have withstood the intense Gentrification of the area. Modern Griffintown is synonymous with condominiums, fine dining, and fancy cars. However in its early years Griffintown was one of the major industrial hubs of Montreal. It was full of small shops, large factories and working class families.


We had the opportunity to explore this bygone era a few months ago when our friends and landlords took a contract to empty the contents of this 100+ year old shop (the building dates back to 1880). The owner of the building has become too tired to keep it up so the family decided to sell the building and contents within. The building is split into two areas. The ground floor is a large work shop consisting of three rooms, which have most recently been used as a cabinetry/veneer shop. The second floor was a personal residence with original wallpaper, crown moulding, and crumbling plaster.


Over the weeks that it took to sift through all of the contents, Crissy and I would swing by Murray street whenever we had a spare moment. We spent a few summer nights digging through the piles of tools, wood, sewing equipment, glasses, unopened boxes of displays, and unidentifiable objects from a previous era. It was like a treasure hunt. Box after box we would look through and try to puzzle out odd tools, admire half finished furniture, and drool over stacks of old lumber. After days of hard (and very interesting) work completed by our landlords and other equally curious people, they discovered an old blacksmith shop buried under wood and dirt in the back of the building. It was surmised that it had been a horse and buggy shop back when a horse and buggy shop was a thing. 


Crissy often toted her camera along and took some beautiful pictures. We have dedicated this shop update to the makers of Murray st. Thanks to the wonderful variety of woods that we uncovered at Murray Street, we have crafted some beautiful and unique pieces. This long forgotten wood and history of Murray will live on in our minds and with these products. Click here to check out our updated shop. 

Crissy Jarvis