Burnt Wood


Much of my latest work has been burnt. I can’t exactly describe what the allure of fire is, but as humans I think it is safe to say that we have a long and complicated history with it. Fire has the potential to be beautiful and comforting, and also devastatingly destructive. I think my fascination with it falls somewhere between the two.

The process I use for burning my pieces is simple. I turn or make a wooden object, sand it, and brush it. I then use one of my torches to create a controlled burn on part, or all of the piece. Control is the key word here. I use a combination of water, fire, and air to add a nice layer of carbon. Depending on the wood grain and species the results are always different. I will either seal the carbon as is, or use a series of wire brushes and/or sandpaper to get the desired effect.

To me, the results are wonderful. It is a beautiful form that has gone through the stress of heat, friction, and tooling.

Crissy Jarvis