Frequently asked questions

Everything you might like to know before making a purchase from us

Everything we offer is handmade by Tory and Crissy (often by both of us). We put a lot of effort into making quality, beautiful products that can be used and enjoyed for generations. We use a food safe Hemp Oil (produced in Barrie Ontario), to finish all of our wood bowls. All of the wood we use has been rescued (found on the side of the street) or purchased from a local source here in Quebec, Canada.


Who made these products?

All of our products are made by Tory and/or Crissy.  


Why Junior Versus?

Our last name is Jarvis, and with the vowels removed, you’re left with JRVS.  We have expanded that to be Junior Versus.  Our plan is to have several lines of items that are a play on our name. So: Junior Versus Junior (kids stuff), Junior Versus Lighting (lights), etc.


How often is your shop updated?

Since everything we sell is handmade and one of a kind, we will only update the shop when we have enough inventory created.  To make sure you don't miss out on any of our updates be sure to subscribe to our emailing list. Subscription form can be found at the bottom of this page. 


Why would I buy from you and not from a big box store?

Usually we find that people who buy from small shops like ours do so to be able to purchase unique products, shop local, and support small businesses.  We put a lot of time and love into our products and genuinely feel like you can tell the difference.  They make great gifts and there is something to be said about using thoughtful hand made pieces in your daily life.


Can I come and choose from your products in person?

If you are unsure about buying online and are in the area, Contact us and we can set-up a viewing of what we have in stock.


Where do you get your wood from?

We get a lot of our wood right here on the streets in Montreal and surrounding areas.  You’ll see a variety of Hardwoods ranging from Maple, Oak, Birch, Elm, Walnut and many more. It all depends on the trees that come down and what we are able to find that month.


How do I wash my wooden spoons, bowls and cutting boards?

The trick with wooden products is to wash them right after use. Use warm soapy water and a scrubby to clean your products, towel dry immediately afterwards. For the first couple of washes you may need to apply a thin coat of wood wax to the wood. Over time as the wood becomes saturated, you won't need to do this as often. If you find the wood becomes rough after washing just use the coarse side of your scrubby pad to remove the rough texture.


How should I take care of my wood products to make them last a long time?

We sell a product called Wood Wax in our store.  It’s a mix of Hemp oil made in Barrie Ontario, and candellila wax. When your wood starts looking a bit dry, rub a bit of this into it, and your products will be revived. Over the years your wooden products will naturally develop a patina from washing, oiling and aging, this is one of the great characteristics about wood, it evolves and changes with you.


Send us a quick message if there is something that we haven't covered.